For the first time ever, Roman Abramovich anticipating bids for Chelsea


Amidst the growing tensions between Ukraine and Russia, Roman Abramovich is facing immense pressure to give-up his Chelsea ownership. Recently Abramovich did release a statement in which he said he has handed over the “stewardship and care” of the club to the trustees of its charitable foundation. However, authorities made it clear that despite the statement, ownership will remain with Roman Abramovich only. But pressure in now mounting on Abramovich to break all his ties with the English club. The situation arose after the UK firmly stated that they will impose heavy sanctions on Russia as well as the oligarchs of the Russian president. Abramovich happens to be one of the oligarchs and thus could face sanctions too.

Abramovich’s Chelsea ownership is not his only asset targeted, as his residential properties and other assets in the UK could also be frozen. Kensington Palace is one of the important properties of Abramovich in the UK, which could be sold too by the Russian. Roman Abramovich completed a $190 million take-over of Chelsea in 2003. Since then the club has experienced huge success, winning 18 trophies till now. Abramovich has heavily invested in Chelsea, making them one of the powerful clubs across Europe. Abramovich’s close ties with Russian President Vladimir Putin have enraged many of the UK’s politicians, demanding his ousting.

Abramovich to welcome bids for Chelsea

Roman Abramovich announced that he his handing all the control of the club to the trustees. But that doesn’t seem enough as problems are not resting there. Abramovich reportedly feels that he would continue to face troubles unless he sells his beloved club. Since his take-over in 2003, the Russia has never entertained any rumors or talks of selling the club. Abramovich even turned down a bid of almost $3 billion previously for Chelsea. But there seems no way out now, and Abramovich is anticipating bids for the club’s sale. And Abramovich could reportedly receive the bids from interested parties by this weekend.

Roman Abramovich has so far invested a whopping amount of $2 billion in Chelsea. As a result, bids will likely be in the same range that would recover Abramovich’s investment. His recent handing-over of club’s affairs seem to have the potential bidders excited to submit their offers. Per reports from American-based Bloomberg Television, investors from the United States are all geared up to bid aggressively. However, the potential take-over of Chelsea could also face some complications. The suitors for the take-over would have to wait for further clearances if Abramovich is sanctioned before the end of the week. The clearance would be required so as to clarify whether or not they could close a deal with the Russian or his associates.

Thomas Tuchel fumes over war question

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel is currently facing a lot of questions over Abramovich and the impact of the on-goings on the first-team. Tuchel was questioned over Abramovich’s decision, to which the manager said, “I have to say that’s a bit too much for me to answer. I’m not aware of any details, and I’m not aware of the whole situation. We all agree there are situations much, much more important than football, this will never change. And situations like war are of course so much more important. But the role of Mr Abramovich is not for me to comment on, because I simply don’t know enough about it.”

Tuchel was again pressed over the war situation and Roman Abramovich’s possible involvement in talks, which enraged him. “Listen, listen, listen – you have to stop. I am not a politician. You have to stop, honestly. I can only repeat it [it’s horrible]. And I even feel bad to repeat it because I never experienced war. So even to talk about it I feel bad because I am very privileged. I sit here in peace and I do the best I can, but you have to stop asking me these questions. I have no answers for you,” said Tuchel.

Though Abramovich is willing to sell Chelsea, the club may face an exodus in their trustee’s department. Some of the trustees have reportedly readied their resignations, with Charity Commission also eager to launch an inquiry. The six trustees which include club chairman Bruce Buck and Chelsea women’s team coach Emma Hayes have reportedly demanded an insurance policy for themselves. The policy would provide them immunity from any financial consequences the club may suffer while they are in charge.

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