Chelsea players won’t receive any bonuses from their Club World Cup and UEFA Super Cup wins

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Chelsea completed the set of trophies won under Russian owner Roman Abramovic, after the club’s Club World Cup triumph. The club pocketed a prize money of another €4 million, which added to the €4 million won from UEFA Super Cup win. However, an interesting detail has emerged regarding the player’s bonuses for the two trophies. Chelsea reportedly won’t have to pay bonuses to their players for winning the Super cup and Club Word Cup.

The Blues won their second Champions League title last season, after defeating an incredible Manchester City team in the final. They followed it by clinching the UEFA Super Cup against Villarreal, on penalties. Chelsea then finally lifted their first ever Club World Cup trophy last weekend, winning it against Palmeiras in the extra-time. The Blues earned €4 million each from UEFA and FIFA for their Super Cup and Club World Cup wins respectively.

Chelsea players failed to negotiate bonuses

As far as the bonuses are concerned, every club decides bonuses for their players at the start of each season. The bonuses are set as per the trophies won. For each trophy won, the bonuses are set and paid above players’ salaries. Additionally, bonuses are also awarded for reaching the finals of various cup competitions. Chelsea players are entitled to bonuses from the club should they win the Premier League, Champions League, FA Cup or League Cup.

But as it is evident, two competitions are missing out from the list; UEFA Super Cup and Club World Cup. According to Sportsmail, Chelsea players didn’t negotiate bonuses for the two competitions at the start of the season. As a result, the club won’t sanction bonuses to the squad for winning the Super Cup and club world cup. It is understood that this decision may have been taken by the players as they are already on lucrative contracts from the club. Meanwhile, it has become a trend in recent times that since the players earn huge salaries, they often donate their bonuses to young professionals or some social cause.

Chelsea have a set-up an interesting system for the players’ bonuses. Chelsea are reportedly the club which has locked biggest amounts in bonuses for their players across England. The club gives the bonuses only if for winning the titles in the season. Unlike other clubs, who have bonuses for finishing in European places or reaching the cup finals, Chelsea only hand out incentives for adding the league or other cups to the cabinet. This approach is believed to push the players to win as many trophies as possible. Chelsea now have an extra €8 million on their hands since they won’t have to pay the players bonuses for the two trophies

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